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Volunteers Needed

Put your time and talents to use helping others and the Senior Center. Many volunteer opportunities are available. Some of them are listed below. If you have special skills you would like to share, please give us a call and let us know: 651-327-2255.

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Red Wing Area SeniorsWe had a great volunteer the week of January 29th, his name was Adam. Adam came in like a tornado and did a tremendous amount of work at both Annadee’s and Pier 55. Adam was able to do this 40 hours of volunteer service through a program his employer offers (Xcel). Thank you Adam and Xcel Energy!

Thanks to Janice French for being our very first sponsor of a flag for the 11th annual Field of Honor.

Won’t You Join List of
Faithful Cake Bakers?

Did you know our volunteers provide a home-baked or store -bought birthday cake for the boys and men at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Red Wing?

At the beginning of each month we get a list of upcoming birth dates, and we call our list of cake-baking volunteers for their availability to bake and deliver the treat to the correctional facility. We average 120-plus cakes a year.

We value the people who keep this program running -- thoughtfully baking or purchasing a cake. But, we need to add a few more volunteers to our list. Typically, a volunteer receives a call at the beginning of a month only a few times a year.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in baking or purchasing cakes, please call or come talk with me.

Having worked at the correctional facility in the past, I can tell you that these birthday cakes have a tremendous effect on the recipients. I remember many days when one of the “boys” was feeling down for being locked up on his birthday -- and the cake would be the bright spot of his day. Often they would say things like, “I don’t even know this person and they cared about my birthday.” Kim 651-327-2255

Building Maintenance

Be part of a team helping with the overall maintenance and upkeep of Pier 55. Projects may involve inside or outside work. Handy men and women are encouraged to call Kim at 651-327-2255.

Meals on Wheels

Seminary Home’s Meals on Wheels program is looking for volunteers to pick up meals in Red Wing and deliver to clients in the area. Meals are delivered daily, Monday through Friday between 11:30 and 12:30 pm. This rewarding volunteer opportunity is a great way to help your neighbors. Contact Sarah Peters: 651-327-2090.

Member Sends Thanks for Technology Help

A thank you letter from a member who used the free Monday technology support with Tom and Judy Walsh.
* * *
I want to say thank you for the technology support you offer! To say the least, it is crazy making, to not be able to navigate a phone or computer when it is such a huge part of our daily lives. I came needing help with a new phone and had been at an impasse for many weeks. Your kindness, patience and skill level were very welcoming and very needed. With some practice, I may be successful with the beginning basics on my phone! Thank you for making yourselves available and sharing your skill set with those of us in need.
Member RWAS

We need your help...

Red Wing Area SeniorsMany of you know that we sew memory bears and pillows for people with clothing from a loved one. This program provides an important services for people it is also a fundraiser that supports services of the senior center. If you or anyone you know is interested in being part of the memory bear/pillow making team and also generating some extra cash for themselves contact Stef Braun 651-327-2255, rwasprogram@gmail.com

Student Sparked Medical Equipment Lending Service

To paraphrase anthropologist Margaret Mead, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, dedicated people can change the world. One of Red Wing Area Seniors (RWAS) most successful programs that’s changed the world of hundreds of local people was the result of cooperation of several people, including physical therapists (PT), RWAS staff, and countless volunteers. Patti Svien, a PT doing graduate study, came up with the idea as a class project. She saw first-hand the need for an equipment loan program for her patients. She and her study partner researched a similar service in Rochester. They not only identified cost savings for individuals and a way to reuse expensive equipment rather dumping it in landfills or storage, but also a group to facilitate distribution. While the class project didn’t demand project implementation, Patti and the PT department at then-Fairview Hospital asked RWAS to bring her ideas to reality.

RWAS and Robin Kaizer publicized the need for equipment donations, had the space to store it, and the knowledge to keep it sanitary and in good shape. RWAS moved the service when it relocated from the Red Wing Professional and Community Center to its new Pier 55 home at Pottery Place Annex. In the last two years alone RWAS has loaned equipment to more than 300 people. In return, users’ donations have earned RWAS much needed income, said Executive Director Kim Wojcik, while saving clients a lot of money. They can borrow equipment when they need it -- rather than buy it new.

Clients have found the service invaluable. Teri said, “I found it more than helpful, and a generous gift to me and the community. I liked the donation aspect of the program. We have a wonderful senior center here.” Linda appreciated the ease of getting the equipment and not having to buy or store something she needed for a short time. “Wonderful,” was a word she used.

- By a member in the RWAS Writer’s Workshop

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